Dear Paul,

My husband and I can not thank you enough for the work you do regarding overdose emergencies using the Evzio kit.
Your training class saved our son's life. We were at home on a Tuesday evening and I had just sat down to relax around 8 PM, I feel as though the Lord prompted me to go into my office which is directly over my son's room and in doing so I heard a strange noise. Assuming it was his TV I called him to turn it down but he didn't respond. I called my husband into the office so he could hear what I was hearing. My husband went downstairs to "wake him up" and found him in respiratory distress from an overdose of heroin.... Read more by clicking on link below.

Jocob Siegel - GONZO


Hi, my name is Jacob Siegel also know as “Gonzo”. I am a music artist from Yonkers, New York that has struggled with drug addiction.

My struggle with addiction at one point consumed my life, but one day I decided to face my addiction head on. During that process I found out that I was madly in love with music.

My song “Addiction’s a Horror Story” is a powerful message from me about my struggle with addiction, and also my escape from it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you.


Tammy’s Story

Narcan reversal gives my child another shot at life

My (very) shortened version of HOPE. For 15 years my son was an addict. It started with alcohol and weed, progressed to pills, and finally to heroin. It went down the predicted path- homelessness, psych institutions, jail, and finally (almost) death. I say that because on because on Feb 29th my son overdosed and died. They threw him out of the car and he was left outside for dead on the front lawn. I brought him back life with naloxone that I received in a TOPAC training class....

Maureen McLoughlin MSW CSW

Families Against Addiction Inc. Founder/Executive Director

I saw a need to help families who were struggling silently in their homes as they witnessed how drug addiction destroyed their families. As a social worker, I felt the need to address the social problem which plagued every community across the country. I was not immune, no different from the next mom as my son had a substance abuse disorder and struggled years before getting the appropriate help needed.
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I am grateful, lucky and privileged to be Christopher Matthew Manning’s father. Christopher was my first born son. It was on his day of birth that I became a father. Even though my physical time with Christopher is over, I still feel very close and connected to him. Here is his story. Read More

Aaron Kucharski

My name is Aaron Kucharski and I have been advocating for solutions to various addiction issues for over eight years.  In those eight years, I have seen people in recovery, family members, prevention and treatment specialists, and law enforcement work separately to advocate for resources to help those suffering from addiction or working to maintain healthy lives in recovery. Read More 


My name is Skip Bailey, I am a recovered cocaine/crack cocaine addict. I have been free from the use of drugs for over 20 years. My involvement with drugs started when I was 13 years old, when I first smoked a marijuana joint. Read More

Corey C. Ressler
11/12/1987 - 7/14/2010

Interview with Paul Ressler and Harry Filkin on Trend Radio

March 2016

Recently TOPAC Founder, Paul Ressler, was interviewed on the Trend Radio program 'The LOOP' with Anthony Vincent & Alyse. Click on the button to hear the interview.

"Recovery is a life long journey. When a family experiences addiction in their lives, the first reaction is how to save their loved one from themselves. There can be no limits to the extent that we will go through to help them. We immerse ourselves in their affliction and submerge our thoughts on curing them.

Michael DeLeon

Michael R. DeLeon, a successfully acclimated ex-offender who after nearly 8 years of drug addiction and gang involvement, spent 12 years in state prison and half-way houses for a gang-related homicide. He was addicted to drugs and actually died three times, being brought back through hospital injections of naloxone. Read More


Hello my name is Donny, and at 6’6” and 300 lbs, I may not look like the typical heroin addict. But then again, these days there really is no such thing as a typical heroin addict. Read More

Patty DiRenzo

In October of 2008 I was diagnosed with progressive stage IV breast cancer. As I was beginning my treatment - which included a double mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation treatments, my son Sal was working on his recovery. Sal struggled with the disease of addiction from his early teen years. Read More


My name is Jennifer, and I am a very grateful recovering addict/alcoholic.
Just as many other kids, I started drinking alcohol when I was 13 years old, because I wanted to be cool, and fit in. My idea of fun was anything outside of my usual boring self. Read More 

I had a typical happy New Jersey childhood. As a child, I played softball and basketball. I loved going camping and spending my summers at the beach. I have loving parents, who did the best they could. Despite my happy childhood and loving parents, I began to feel like an outsider in my early teens. I developed a smart mouth and a rebellious attitude. I felt insecure and angry most of the time. I tried alcohol at the age of 14 and attempted suicide at 15. I was regularly smoking marijuana at 17, and I eventually tried a number of drugs soon after that. I was arrested for possession and being under the influence of LSD at 18; instead of jail, I was hospitalized. I received pre-trial intervention (PTI) and the charges were eventually dismissed.

My name is Don Hebert and I am a man that’s been blessed with over 25 years of long term recovery. I come from a loving family, great parents and a fantastic middle class up-bringing in northern NJ. Read More