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This is a follow up story to the one we posted on June 25th regarding Evesham K9 . Please go to link to read more and watch news video.

When a toxic batch of drugs is triggering potentially fatal overdoses, one of the most crucial antidotes is to get the word out as fast as possible to alert other users.

A new research project to develop a more speedy way to communicate information about clusters of drug overdoses will be announced today by Vancouver Coastal Health and the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

Lawmakers move to involuntarily commit opioid users

Amid an opioid addiction epidemic that is killing more than 90 Americans every day, there is a growing movement to make it easier for relatives and health care providers to quickly secure court orders to forcibly confine and treat people who are addicted to drugs.

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Marijuana: Its Addictive Nature and Its Use in Treating Addictions

Doctors and researchers have long sought out ways to cure disease, heal the sick, and tend to those in pain. This has led to many miraculous breakthroughs and discoveries, as well as treatments that have changed society and stirred public debate, like the use of marijuana medically.

Governor Chris Christie today met with case managers and support staff at Homeless Solutions in Morristown to discuss an innovative approach to increasing the number of skilled drug counselors in the state. The employees are currently participating in a 45-week, state-funded, on-site drug counseling certification program and company-paid apprenticeship.

Why was this woman in body paint in Center City?

Sunday morning, Alexis Johnson drove from Harrisburg to Philadelphia to spend 3½ hours getting covered head to toe in black body paint. A friend plastered stark, white warnings like “silence kills” over and over again, on her face, chest, and legs. Two years sober, Johnson was returning to the city where she used to score heroin in the early days of her addiction.

Study: Suboxone Usually Fails To Stop Opioid Use

A drug widely prescribed to treat opioid addiction fails so often that two-thirds of the pain patients who took it during addiction treatment wound up getting opioid prescriptions again, according to a large new study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Researchers analyzed pharmacy claims for over 38,000 people who were prescribed Suboxone (buprenorphine) between 2006 and 2013, and found that 67 percent of them filled a prescription for an opioid painkiller in the year after Suboxone treatment.

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The N.J. counties that are most flooded with opioid prescriptions

After years of increasing opioid use, the nation is experiencing a downturn in doctors handing out prescriptions for the class of drugs, however rescriptions remained high in certain areas of NJ.

"The bottom line is, with opioid prescriptions, we are still seeing too many prescriptions given out for too long," she said.

Missouri becomes last state to create drug-monitoring plan

Missouri became the final state to create a prescription drug-monitoring program Monday when Republican Gov. Eric Greitens signed an executive order aimed at combatting a scourge that killed more than 900 residents last year.

The Lt. Governor and her team are presenting at our upcoming Recovery Advocacy Summit. They will be talking about the state wide funding initiatives, the NJ Addiction Hot Line (IME) and the roles that Recovery Coaches will have within state. We are honored to have her participate in such an important event and will bring a wealth of information.

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Stop opioids from being delivered by the U.S Postal Service

Stop opioids from being delivered by the U.S Postal Service

July 17, 2017

Drug Deactivation Pack

Drug Deactivation Pack

Contact the Southwest Council to learn more

Email the following address to learn how you can obtain a kit.