Addiction’s Horror Story by Jacob Seagull

Blood of my Blood by Harry Filkin

Daytop Philosophy

Everything Changes by Staind (covered by Ernie White)

Hold Me Father by Adam O’Brien

It’s Been Awhile by Staind: covered by Ernie White

My Life Juice

Please by Adam O’Brien

Release by Pearl Jam: covered by Tom Reock

Second Chance

Something to Remind You by Staind: covered by Tom Reock

Till We See You Again

The Following Are The Songs That Won The “New Jersey Shout Down Drugs” contest

I Hope That You’ll Say No by Nicole Levine

Drug Free by Tyron Shaw

March by Kevin (Kayo) Orsino

Make a Stand by Aryan Mahyer

Wake Up by Amanda Taylor

“N” “O” by An-Tie

Use Your Voice by Nickolas (Nubz) Alu

2012 first place winner

Take It Back by Will Carnevale

Doing Drugs Ain’t Dope by The Whiptones

I Said No by Kevin Mills Jr.

Life is a Gift By Music for Recovery

I’m Open By Music for Recovery

One day at a time by Music for Recovery

Walking Through This Door by Music for Recovery