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Recovered from addiction, advocates help Atlantic City's homeless and addicted

Susan Howell-Iacovone pulled up to the curb near the corner of Texas and Pacific avenues in her beige Toyota on a recent Monday morning.

"In pullover hoodies and jeans, she and friend Mike McGaffney jumped out of the car and started talking with people walking by on the sidewalks or waiting in line for free sandwiches at a religious ministry on the corner.

Iacovone popped the trunk, and inside were dozens of clear Ziplock bags filled with snacks, drinks, toiletries, handwritten notes of encouragement and resource information, ready to be given to anyone walking by who looked in need...."

Column 2

Ohio is awash in drug abuse and addiction, at times leading the nation in deaths from heroin and synthetic-opioid overdoses. And women who become pregnant while using drugs can double the harm if they don’t get help quickly. The number of Ohio babies who come into the world sick and craving drugs continues to soar.

Column 3

Daniel Baldwin Made an Impassioned Statement Today Seeking Robust National Emergency Measures on the Heroin/Opioid Catastrophe at Federal Level Before 60,000 People Die in America in 2017. This measure would help to deliver crisis funding for the opening of badly needed recovery centers across the country...