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Maureen McLoughlin MSW CSW

I saw a need to help families who were struggling silently in their homes as they witnessed how drug addiction destroyed their families. As a social worker, I felt the need to address the social problem which plagued every community across the country. I was not immune, no different from the next mom as my son had a substance abuse disorder and struggled years before getting the appropriate help needed. Reaching a life of recovery for my son as well as the whole family, at the time felt, almost impossible to foresee. Our family struggled years revolving around the addiction cycle. Each family member reacted differently and eventually, the family dynamic broke down.

I took the lead in the family and decided to practice what I preached. Since, I had a BSW from Georgian Court University, and an MSW from Monmouth University along with a certification in Social work, I took a step back and viewed my own personal family crisis in a more objective way. I was self-determined to help my own family and others at this point in time. In addition, a degree in business administration was a plus. Therefore, out of a personal crisis Families Against Addiction Inc. came to fruition. No one should have to suffer in silence.

Now, I facilitate a support group in Old Bridge NJ for any family member who has been affected by a loved one that has succumbed to drug addiction. I promote social responsibility and self-determination. I set a nonjudgmental atmosphere for anyone in need to elaborate on their personal family problem. I offer an alternative to the traditional 12 step programs. I engage with family members with a solution-focused approach. I advocate for families by attending township meetings. Through my networking, I offer referral services and follow up with each family on a weekly basis. I practice social work core values and ethical practices. I educate families about addiction and drugs. I help empower families to make changes by offering multiple options leading to healthier decisions. Mostly, help families live a more balanced healthier life.