When the Devil Knocks

Don't do drugs; I know how you think.
"It's just one line. It's just one drink."
But sooner or later you'll start to sink
To a deep dark place where the sun doesn't shine
And all the time you think you're fine
But the Devil keeps getting inside your head
Waking you up, dragging you out of bed
Saying, "Get up, start your day. Your habit must be fed."
And no matter how bad you want to stay asleep
Your using has increased, way too steep
And you may never find inner peace
With the Devil dragging you back out to the streets.
He'll help you lie. He'll help you steal.
He'll help you forget what it's like to feel
Remorse or guilt toward the people you've used.
You're not the only one who feels abused.
It affects you and all the people you love.
They all just want to see you live above
The influence that brought you to hell and back.
Who knows if you'll ever be back on track?
Once you're hooked, there's no second guess,
You've already turned into a fucking mess.
So maybe when the Devil knocks on your door,
Tell him you've got other plans in store.
You don't need him telling you what to do.
All you need is faith.
The rest is up to you.
Molly Ina O’Donnell

Reflection of Addiction

We all have different but the same stories. I've come to the conclusion that we are
just like the pre-aids movement. I want to help, I want to speak, I want to be a part
of the solution, I want to see a change.....

Mending My Heart

by Thomas Verde

I woke up this morning
my body writhing in pain,
my heart sad and empty,
all numb in my brain.
Feeling so helpless,
and so all alone,
not sure what to do
to gain control back in my home...