The #1 killer of Americans under the age of 50 isn’t cancer, or suicide, or road traffic accidents. It’s drug overdoses. More than 52,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year. Even in the UK, where illegal drug use is on the decline, overdose deaths are peaking. The “war on drugs” continues – but it’s a war we’re losing.

The Opiate Reports

The Complete Physics of Opiate Addiction written by Howard Heathcote

Posted October 2017
When the substance abuse act was signed into law almost 40 years ago, opiates were put into the same category as all other abused substances. The treatment plan was then as it is now: Two weeks of detox; followed by 30 days of inpatient to treat underlying conditions; and 60-90 days of out patient care/sober living homes. At that time private insurance did not cover treatment costs. Each state was responsible for their own treatment....

“I’m detoxing.” This is the sort of news that delights the families of patients who are addicted to heroin. The promise of a seven-day detox solution is seductive.

The K.E.Y.S. Academy Knowledge Empowers Youth & Sobriety Recovery High School.  "When Right Your Life approached the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District with the idea that a Recovery High School was one way to reach those youth, Matawan Aberdeen's Superintendent Dr. Joseph Majka and Board of Education were in agreement....  

The most cost-effective treatment for people with untreated opioid addiction who visit the emergency department (ED) is buprenorphine, a medication to reduce drug cravings and withdrawal, say Yale researchers. Nationally, only about one in five individuals who needed treatment for opioid addiction received treatment in the past year, and fewer received the most effective treatments, such as buprenorphine.

Endo International recently took its extended-release opioid painkiller Opana ER (otherwise known as oxymorphone hydrochloride) off the market. The move came almost a month after the Food and Drug Administration asked that the drug be removed when it found that the drug's benefits no longer outweighed its risk for abuse.

MOUNT HOLLY >> Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina announced that a Mercer County drug dealer was sentenced Friday to five years in state prison for causing the death of a Bordentown Township customer who overdosed on the fentanyl he sold him. The sentence was handed down by the Hon. Terrence R. Cook, J.S.C. for first-degree strict liability for drug-induced death....

For seven years, Sal Marchese battled heroin addiction. Even with the help of his mother, Patty, and sister, Blake, he struggled to get treatment for his disease -- a fact that his family believes ultimately led to his death.

Marijuana: Its Addictive Nature and Its Use in Treating Addictions

Doctors and researchers have long sought out ways to cure disease, heal the sick, and tend to those in pain. This has led to many miraculous breakthroughs and discoveries, as well as treatments that have changed society and stirred public debate, like the use of marijuana medically.

In Riverside, NJTIP focuses on rehab to cure addiction, crime

RIVERSIDE - Michael McGlynn needed cash to feed his addiciton. And breaking into cars in his neighborhood was the fastest way to get his fix.

But within hours, that high would have him in lockdown.....

CVS will limit opioid prescriptions to seven days

In a new effort to tackle the deadly opioid addiction crisis in the United States, pharmacy giant CVS that it will limit opioid prescriptions to seven days for certain conditions. This restriction will apply to patients who are new to pain therapy. It will also limit the daily dosage of pain pills based on their strength and will require use of immediate-release formulations before extended-release opioids.

Paramedics in Camden said Wednesday morning was one of the worst mornings they've ever seen after they saved sixteen people who overdosed. NBC10's Cydney Long spoke to those paramedics just one day after President Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency.

A Simple Move to Save Thousands of Lives From Overdose

The US is in the midst of a public health crisis. More than 59,000 people are believed to have died from drug overdose in 2016, nearly a 20% increase from 2015. Most of these deaths are caused by opioids like prescription painkillers, heroin and the potent synthetic drug fentanyl.

The Trump administration has said that addressing the opioid epidemic is a top priority. On Aug. 10, President Trump declared opioid use and overdose a national emergency.

A Worsening Opioid Epidemic Prompts Action

The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 33,000 Americans died in 2015 from an opioid overdose, a 2017 study of geographic trends finds that even this figure may be underestimated. A study of claims at Blue Cross Blue Shield found that the diagnosis of “opioid use disorder” jumped 493% from 2010 to 2016.

The Food and Drug Administration targeted more than 500 websites it said were illegally selling unapproved versions of prescription medications, including opioids, antibiotics and injectable epinephrine products, the agency said Monday. The action was part of a global operation called Pangea X, led by the international police organization Interpol.

How to Make a Recovery Plan With Your Son or Daughter After Treatment

A recovery plan is a way to map out what you all want as a family going forward, building on the great progress your son or daughter has made during treatment. It’s a tool to determine what actions will best support his or her recovery and personal growth, while enhancing your family’s overall well-being.

The impact of the nation’s opioid crisis can be measured in many ways, such as the fourfold increase in the number of opioid-related deaths nationally since 1999, including more than 33,000 lives lost in 2015, or in the $42 billion in lost productivity associated with opioid use disorders....

Governor Christie Implements 25 Initiatives That Will Create Or Enhance Opportunities
For Addiction Prevention, Treatment, And Recovery. To read a summary of 25 prominent programs being immediately implemented or expanded using the Governor’s new investment of nearly $200 million in existing state funding click below.

Suboxone is given to hundreds of thousands of people in America as a treatment for addiction to opioids. Suboxone is promoted as a real “solution” to addiction but most people choosing this solution are never told the whole story of what they are in for.... See the entire article for definitions of some terms that might need clarification.

CONCORD, N.H. — In the state morgue here, in the industrial maze of a hospital basement, Dr. Thomas A. Andrew was slicing through the lung of a 36-year-old woman when white foam seeped out onto the autopsy table. Foam in the lungs is a sign of acute intoxication caused by an opioid. So is a swollen brain, which she also had. With the nation snared in what the government says is the worst drug epidemic in its history, routine autopsies like this one, which take more than two hours, are overtaxing medical examiners everywhere.

Drug Deactivation Pack

Drug Deactivation Pack

Contact the Southwest Council to learn more

Email the following address to learn how you can obtain a kit.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The federal government is working to fight the opioid crisis. Washington Senator Patty Murray is helping to lead the charge on Capitol Hill to make sure the feds find answers to the problem of heroin and other opioids.

Alexandria's Angel Program could serve as model for treating heroin addiction

The Alexandria's Angel Program is an outreach program to help overdose victims find help. It is run by the police department who has a full-time police social worker on staff. Whenever talking with a drug user or family member, a card is provided with the phone number of the police department with the following: “The Alexandria Police Department recognizes that substance abuse is a disease. We understand you can’t fight this alone!”  On the other side it says, ‘We want you to have hope. We want you to experience recovery, and we want you to live."

SHAMONG — As the opioid epidemic continues across the country and in Burlington County, school districts are changing their policies to combat it.

The Lenape Regional Bd of Ed adopted a policy that will allow nurses to receive training to administer naloxone, also known as Narcan, which is an opioid overdose antidote.

“I used a lot of that time to just get high, and I think that my mom really didn’t know about it. She knew I was using drugs, but she didn’t know I was sitting around doing heroin at 17 years old,” April said. Lori Erion recalls the moment she discovered her daughter was using heroin....

A Tennessee District Attorney is warning about a new, deadly mix of drugs – marijuana mixed with fentanyl. DA Matthew Stowe told News 2 the drug is here in Tennessee and he can’t warn people fast enough. “It’s absolutely being seen in Tennessee. It’s being seen in West Tennessee, it’s coming in in vast, vast quantities,” he said.