Skip Bailey

My name is Skip Bailey, I am a recovered cocaine/crack cocaine addict. I have been free from the use of drugs for over 20 years. My involvement with drugs started when I was 13 years old, when I first smoked a marijuana joint. I was fairly new to the city life, because I am originally from Virginia and did not know anything about marijuana until I moved to New Jersey. When I got to high school I started experimenting with other drugs such as; cocaine, acid, speed and thc. I was also playing music in different bands which back then, added to my usage of drugs. Not saying that being in a band caused me to use drugs, but being in different night clubs at a young age and attending house parties every weekend did not help me from staying away from drugs. 
I joined the US Army in June 1977, and while in Kansas I got involved with drugs more than I expected. I was arrested one week prior to my last day in the US Army, in which I made an unwise decision and had to spend a weekend in jail for shoplifting a pair of $6.00 sunglasses. But to show how drugs can affect your judgment, when I was arrested for the sunglasses, I had over $300.00 in my pocket. I was introduced to crack/cocaine when it was offered to me instead of powder cocaine. I was told that it was to be smoked instead of being snorted, and that’s how my crack/cocaine addiction began. I was so addicted to crack/cocaine that I sold a lot of my personal items, just to get high. I sold my expensive watches, my leather jackets, expensive sunglasses and other jewelry. It had gotten to the point that sometimes I let the drug dealers take my car to New York to purchase drugs. There were times that I let the drug dealers take my grandmother’s car and my son’s mother car to New York to purchase drugs, I was really hooked. There was one incident when I gave a drug dealer my whole income tax check ($650.00), to buy crack/cocaine. I was often in filthy drugs houses infested with roaches and sometimes mice, but that crack/cocaine kept leading me back to those places, even though I knew that I shouldn’t be there. I’ve smoked crack/cocaine out of soda cans, small plastic alcohol bottles, radio antennas, glass stems, any way that was possible. There was a time when I locked myself in the bathroom, standing in the shower smoking crack/cocaine, that’s how paranoid that drug can make you feel.
NOTE: I admitted myself into a drug rehabilitation center, only to avoid from being fired from work…. The last time that I got high was over 20 years ago, when I was supposed to be at a band gig. I had gotten high and I was sitting on my bed in my tuxedo listening to the guys leaving messages on my answering machine. I never answered the phone, and I never made it to the gig. That night I surrendered to God/ my higher power and asked for the addiction to be taken away from me and to help me to get clean and stay clean. I not only asked for help, ( I MADE A DECISION TO STOP USING). From that night on, I have never used drugs again, and with the help of God, I will never use again.
Today I am free from drugs, and I do my best to stay away from negative people, negative places, and negative things. To help me to stay focused, I read a lot of self-help and personal development books, along with listening to a lot of personal development audios cd’s, and dvd’s. Since being clean and free from the use of drugs I’ve started my own home-based business, I have been playing music in different bands, and also playing music in church on Sunday mornings. I’ve written a stage play; ( BACK BY FAITH), which will be produced November 2015, and I’ve written my first book; ( YOU ARE OUTSTANDING AND UNSTOPPABLE ), which can be purchased at: I have also received my certifications as; CERTIFIED DRUG & ALCOHOL RECOVERY COACH CERTIFIED LIFE SUCCESS COACH. I am always setting goals for myself and I stay inspired by helping others individuals on their journey to self-fulfillment, and towards a life free from substance abuse and addiction.