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Thomas Verde

“Recovery is a life long journey. When a family experiences addiction in their lives, the first reaction is how to save their loved one from themselves. There can be no limits to the extent that we will go through to help them. We immerse ourselves in their affliction and submerge our thoughts on curing them. We spend our waking hours crying for them, our sleeping hours dreaming of them and every second in-between trying to figure out how to save them. We become so consumed by our desire to “fix them” ourselves that we don’t take notice of what it is doing to us. In becoming desperate for answers, we alienate our loved ones, avoid our friends, neglect our duties. Our lives eventually become unmanageable as we become “addicted to the addict”.

Nar Anon allows us the opportunity to regain control of our lives. When we realize addiction is a disease that cannot be cured, when we understand that we are not alone in this journey, and when we start to accept how to manage change in our lives, our recovery begins for ourselves. I wrote this poem as a way to express what the Nar Anon program means for myself and my wife. Our meeting friends have become our “family” and the wisdom and comfort and care that this “family” shares have helped us tremendously through times of turmoil. I believe this poem sums its up. Hope you enjoy it.”